The Irish Influence in San Francisco Walking Tour


​This is a walking tour telling the story of the Irish Influence in San Francisco from the 1840s until today. We tell of the enormous influence the Irish diaspora has had in making San Francisco the vibrant, successful, enigmatic city it now is. Hear how one Irish man helped design the city, another who helped build it's infrastructure and another who became notorious as a "human trafficker" There are many stories of the men and women who gave the city character over the last 170 years.

The history of San Francisco may seem short in terms of world history, having only become a city in 1847, having the Spanish name of Yerba Buena previously. From the earliest days it was heavily influenced by a large migrant population of Irish and Irish Americans, who brought with them a passion for success and some easily recognized ingenuity,  often with more intrigue and personality than many other visitors. From the first Postmaster, then Mayor, John W Geary, through it's city landscaper Jasper O'Farrell,  including the nefarious "Shanghai Kelly" and the colorful  Countess Lola Montez, to city engineer Michael O'Shaugnessey to the highly successful tech giants, the Collison Twins, this is a city where the Irish have flourished for the last 170 years


The tour will cost $25 for adults. $15 for seniors and $5 for children (U16) and offers live Irish music as part of the tour

Donagh McKeown is now leading tours on the influence of the Irish in San Francisco. His research and the ability to tell the many stories produces a wonderful insight into both the city and it's many important inhabitants over the years here.